The fccDataPrivacy Partner Program


Partners are an essential part of the fccDataPrivacy go-to-market model. Typical partners are:

  • web agencies, they create and maintain the Internet presence for SMEs and clubs

  • web hosting provider, they provide the infrastructure and the web tools to create the websites

  • manufacturers of standard software for clubs, they usually provide the entire administration software necessary for a club and sometimes offer the web presence at the same time.

They all have something in common: they are close to the end customers, know the challenges of the industries as well as the individual customers and are therefore predestined to position a data protection management system correctly, to include the fccDataPrivacy products in their solution portfolio and thus help their customers to implement the rather complex data protection legislation in a simple and cost-effective way.


Why fccDataPrivacy is done for Partner

fccDataPrivacy for SMEs and clubs was already designed to meet the needs of potential partners in the design phase and offers, among other things

  • different partnership models, e.g. distribution partner or installation partner or both at the same time

  • different billing models, e.g. all billing by us or billing by the partner (with the possibility to develop own price models)

  • and of course an attractive commissions model.


We (bw-fcc GmbH) are a company that focuses on the development, support and hosting of management systems in the field of data protection. And we want it to stay that way. We therefore want to pass on customer requests for advice or installation support to our partners as far as possible. This gives us the opportunity to support partners optimally through

  • Supervision and training

  • Consulting on the implementation and automation of processes in the area of user rights and deletion concepts

  • and much more.


Let us discuss the partner model that suits you best. Contact us via the contact form or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to working with you.