Data protection and information security can only work if they are understood and lived within an organization. All employees should therefore be informed about the legal basis, the technical and organizational challenges and the appropriate behavior and also be obligated to comply with them.

We therefore offer corresponding online training courses for all fccDataPrivacy products:

  • easy to understand and entertaining online courses
  • Courses are divided into several lessons of 10 - 20 minutes each
  • Participants can decide for themselves where and at what pace to complete the courses
  • at least annual revision of the courses
  • biannual update lessons explaining changes to a topic (e.g. changes in laws, court decisions, etc.)
  • all courses are available in English and German

We are also happy to conduct general or customized webinars or on-site training sessions for your organization. Please contact us for a first meeting.

Employee training Data protection

GDPR requires, among other things, sensitization and training measures on the subject of data protection to be carried out by the data protection officer. Although organizations that do not have to appoint a data protection officer are not explicitly obliged to provide training for all employees, we recommend - in view of the GDPR fine threats and the ongoing cyber security threats - that all employees receive training not only once but repeatedly (e.g. annually).

Overview of the lessons of the course Employee Training Data Protection:


This course can be completed in about 1,5 hours.


Prices for training courses consist of two components: a basic service fee per customer and a fee per registered participant. 

Data protection employee training is already included in the products "Data Protection Readiness for SMEs" and "Data Protection Readiness for Associations".

For further details, please see the price list.