The fccDataPrivacy Product Portfolio

In order to make the complex requirements for data protection practicable and still be able to meet the special needs of SMEs and clubs, we have developed a portfolio of integrated products. The products can be put together and purchased individually or in any combination, depending on your needs.


Data Protection Readiness

Data Protection Readiness is the basic data protection kit and, in addition to the necessary data protection elements such as privacy policy, cookie banner, consents, processing activities, data protection policy, it also includes employee training and a scanner to check for website security vulnerabilities on a daily basis. Learn more


Data Protection Employee Education

Data protection and information security can only work if they are understood and lived within an organisation. All employees should therefore be informed about the legal basis, the technical and organisational challenges and the appropriate behaviour and also be committed to it. Awareness of data protection is created in easy-to-understand online lessons. Learn more

External Data Protection Officer

If a Data Protection Officer must be appointed (or is to be appointed voluntarily), the Data Protection Officer informs and advises the company and its employees on the applicable data protection regulations. He or she monitors compliance with data protection regulations and the strategy to protect personal data, cooperates with the supervisory authorities and is their point of contact in the company. Learn more

Data Protection Representatives

Data protection law applies in principle in the jurisdiction defined in each case: for the GDPR these are the EU member states, for the revDSG it is Switzerland. In order to enable the enforcement of these laws, market participants (companies, clubs, associations) without an establishment in the jurisdiction in which they offer goods or services or monitor the behaviour of natural persons (e.g. tracking cookies) must set up a data protection representation. This essentially serves as a contact point for data subjects and a contact point for supervisory authorities. Learn more

Data Protection Management System

Data protection management is a method for systematically planning, organising, managing and controlling the legal and operational requirements of data protection. The starting point is the idea of providing companies with a system that can be integrated into business processes in order to anchor data protection within the organisation in a long-term and comprehensible manner. The fccDataPrivacy Data Protection Management System is based on VdS 10010: Data Protection for SMBs.

In preparation. Planned end of Q4 / 2023.


Data Protection DP-Team Education

Members of a data protection team need more in-depth training on the essential topics of data protection, e.g. processing activities. By means of videos, both the basic knowledge and the concrete application in the fccDataPrivacy product portfolio are conveyed.

In preparation. Planned Q4 / 2023.


IT Security Services

Data security is an important topic in data protection, because the security of data is fundamental to the protection of personal data. Accordingly, the GDPR demands a lot from the responsible parties with the Technical and Organisational Measures (TOMs). Especially in the area of cyber security, SMEs and clubs are usually not well positioned or not positioned at all. Anyone who takes responsibility for security in such an organisation has to meet the same requirements as in a large corporation. However, the security budgets and the size of the teams are limited. This makes the task difficult.

That's why, under the title fccDataPrivacy IT Security Services, we provide some tools that - without building up significant internal resources - help to understand the topic of cyber security and to identify and remedy vulnerabilities. Learn more


Too complicated?

Here you will find an overview of who needs which products and which products are already included in others.



Why fccDataPrivacy?

fccDataPrivacy for SMBs and Clubs is a hosted standardised data protection platform that supports compliance with European and other data protection legislation through a few simple installation steps - at a predictable and affordable cost.

We provide a solution where:

  • the legal data protection requirements are covered
    the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation, EU ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Directive), the Swiss Data Protection Act and other international data protection laws are supported

  • a high degree of automation is implemented
    fccDataPrivacy is not an empty shell, but provides many necessary data protection elements ready-to-use, e.g.:
    • Processing activities of SaaS products are provided free of charge and are also maintained (e.g. in the case of release changes)
    • Changes in the law are automatically incorporated into the data protection statement
    • Many documents are automatically generated based on customer data and the processing activities

  • the mandatory regular training for employees is already included
    Customers have access to introductory training on the GDPR and ePrivacy as well as regular updates in the form of online courses. Participation is recorded in order to comply with the legally prescribed obligation to provide proof of training

  • the scope of services also includes vulnerability analyses
    IT security is an ongoing process - vulnerability management provides the basis. Only those who know their weak points can implement security measures in a targeted manner. We provide the tools that we use ourselves

  • all relevant information is accessible in a clear and secure portal
    The customer portal provides all the information necessary for daily operations in a clearly structured manner and all changes are traceable (audit trail)

  • offer an optimal price/performance ratio
    Data Protection Readiness for Clubs is already available for CHF 107.00 per year (€ 96.00, excluding VAT and installation fee).